samo gledam, hvala


Photographed by us (DURIMEL)

A Prépare- We decided to simulate a lunch break after seeing multiple chefs take breaks out side of work.You ever noticed them? Always so particular: black pants, white cooking top and in a back ally of some sort. We just find it a bit interesting. Oh and the cigarette! A lot of times they’re smoking but we don’t so that’s where we failed “the look,” hope you like this one. It’s been a while… not that you care but if you do, then yeaahhh thanks!! 

By the way the bag was a gift from Samo Gledam designed by Alenka Cindric from Crotia now based in London. 

- Jalan and Jibril


R Backpack- Samo Gledam

Black Slip-on loafers-Zig Zag

Adrian Loafer-Dr. Marten 

Cream sweater- American Apparel

Sweat pants- American Apparel

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Samo Gledam with Alenka Cindrić →


The lovely UK based Croatian designer Alenka Cindrić runs a microlabel called Samo Gledam.

[SN] What is a microlabel?

[Alenka] I have decided to call Samo gledam a microlabel because the term small label already feels established and doesn’t fully represent what Samo Gledam is about. As a…

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